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Courses for Healthcare Professionals

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; to develop and deliver first-class, evidence-based curricula which inspire and challenge, resulting in better-trained Nurses and Doctors and which promote advanced levels of practice and care.
NeoConsult strives to contribute to the standardisation and advancement of specialty nursing and medical practice.

Training, Education and Professional Development

Our courses have been expertly designed by practicing professionals to ensure that your learning experience is active, engaging, inspirational and inclusive.

We provide a portfolio of courses for healthcare providers which includes post-graduate courses for nurses in Neonatal Intensive Care, Pediatric Intesnive Care, Newborn Nursery, Labour & Delivery and many more.

Our online programs are designed to fit demanding schedules, allowing you to continue serving patients while furthering your education. Our commitment to flexible scheduling is why our students can keep working while studying.

Apart from a flexible schedule, you will also have an individual Program Mentor who understands the uniquely demanding schedule a healthcare worker faces. They will keep track of your progress, provide advice, feedback, and encouragement, to ensure you are never left on your own.

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