Fundamentals of PICU Nursing

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  1. Course Overview
  2. Course Topics
  3. Course Objectives
Paediatric Intensive Care nursing requires specialist knowledge and skills. This course has been designed using a combination of self-study, online lectures and clinical contact sessions, to address the training needs of specialised, paediatric nurses.
  • Thermoregulation
  • Psychological care
  • Hemodynamic and blood gases
  • Sedation and analgesia
  • Nutrition
  • Resuscitation
  • Effective ventilation
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • Congenital heart diseases

On completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Resuscitate and stabilise the critically ill child in the PICU setting
  • Understand how to manage certain diagnoses commonly encountered in the PICU setting
  • Demonstrate hemodynamic monitoring in the PICU setting
  • Demonstrate competency of complex procedures related to the critically ill child
  • Demonstrate comprehensive and supportive care to the child and their families
  • Identify principles and methods of medication, nutrition and fluid replacement for children with critical conditions
  • Explain how to prepare, utilise, and maintain the equipment used in caring for children in a critical condition

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