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Emergency Medical Response is a hands-on, instructor guided course. It is designed for those who supervise first aiders, pool/beach lifeguards and for those who work in environments which carry a high risk of severe injury. It is ideally suited for learners who work in remote areas, far from professional medical help or for companies with more than 50 employees.

The course is delivered over six consecutive days (48 hours) and learners will be exposed to advanced first aid with advanced resuscitation, team management and communication, oxygen delivery, assessment and triage of casualties, managing special emergency cases, management of severe injury/trauma cases and hazardous material operations. No previous medical training is required for enrollment to this course.

Course topics include:

  • Wellness and safety of the emergency medical responder
  • Introduction to pathophysiology
  • Basic human anatomy and medical terminology
  • Basic communication and documentation
  • Principles of lifting and moving patients
  • Principles of oxygen therapy
  • Principles of resuscitation
  • Principles of patient assessments
  • Caring for cardiac emergencies
  • Caring for respiratory emergencies
  • Recognition and care of shock
  • Caring for soft tissue injuries and bleeding
  • Obtaining vital signs and histories
  • Care during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Introduction to multi-casualty incidents, the incident command system and casualty triage
  • Hands-on guidance from the instructor
  • Soft copy (pdf version) of the study materials
  • Certificate of completion
  • Wallet-size, internationally accepted ASHI card valid for 3 years
  • Individual CPR pocket mask

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