Wound Care Workshop

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  1. Course Overview
  2. Course Topics
  3. Course Objectives
This one-day workshop is aimed at professionals such as nurses, healthcare assistants and practitioners working in a clinical environment. Effective wound care management is essential for those who care for patients that have chronic and acute wounds. This workshop will prepare you with the advanced clinical knowledge including: how wounds heal, what prevents healing, acute wounds, chronic wounds, infection and antiseptic wound care.
  • Types of wounds
  • Phases of wound healing
  • Wound care
  • Care of specific wounds
  • Nutrition and wound healing
  • Patient education – wound care
  • Practical session: wound grading
  • Practical session: Aseptic technique – cleaning and dressing change

On completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Define the biology of healing
  • Identify the factors that impact on wound healing
  • Perform an accurate wound and patient assessment
  • Clarify wound infection and the role of antiseptics
  • Identify and treat acute and common chronic wounds seen in practice
  • Clarify and examine dressings their type and functions
  • Demonstrate bandages and their role in retention, support and compression

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